Who we are

Formation of the company in 2003 year was closely connected with the societal and business venture to establish a centre of information and communication technology industry on the German Island of Rügen, that is located in the southern Baltic Sea. Rather interesting facilities existing in the town Putbus had been used for this purpose. 

In summer 2004 the first EQUAL training group accomplished successfully

Starting point was a labour market orientated project in frame of Community Initiative EQUAL. Precisely fitting training courses for unemployed young adults - and mostly young woman - should help to provide them a professional perspective in their home region and to satisfy the existing demand of the locally growing ICT businesses for skilled labour at the same time. 

Already this first bigger project did call the full scop of the services provided by the new enterprise itm-consultants gmbh: project development, project management, project reporting incl. follow-up, and classical management services. Those services could be booked per single element or as full-service packet - what ever you like!


The services we offer are not focused by their nature to a specific branche. And as on such holiday island like Rügen everybody is an expert in tourism - we built up our fields of competences in crafts including small construction enterprises, and retail, and - of course - ICT businesses. Public bodies and non-profit organisations are end clients of EU funded international projects.


If applicable accessible public funding instruments could be integrated. This way clients would benefit from our experiences with various regional, national and European funding programmes for different branches and target groups. 

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itm-consultants gmbh

Gesellschaft für

IT- und Management-Beratung

Am Mühlenheck 16

18528 Bergen auf Rügen


Telefon: +49 3838 4043011


E-Mail:   info@itm-consultants.de