Non-profit Projects

There is almost nothing more exciting than developign and implementing projects! 

Sure, it is a lot of work, pitfalls are waiting all around, and it is a big challenge anyway. But life would be boring without projects! 

It may be not suitable to present every single project, and in case of jobs for private contractors often confidentially must be respected. 

Examples below could provide some impressions of our work, hopfully. Although the picture must be incomplete due to the given reasons. 

Baltic Sea Mentoring Cloud 

Five partners from EU memeber states and from Russia jointly work on developing structures for supporting the groth of entrepreneurship and for facilitating Small and Medium Enterprises by mentoring. 

This collaboation - designed as "Seed Money Project" - aims on conceptual work mainly and on amending the consortium for continuation of the project works in the future. 


Contractor: Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (DE)

Duration: 2014 

our contribution: Finance management 

BalticMuseums 2.0 Plus 

This co-operation of seven partners from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Sweden is based on results of "BalticMuseums 2.0" project. Subject is introduction and utilisation of electronical multimedia visitor guides, in order to make oceanographic museums in South-Baltic Region more attractive for their visitors. Project's core is the joint development and exchange of eGuide content as a collaborative process. 


Contractor: Stralsund University of Applied Sciences 

Duration: 2010 - 2014 

our contribution: Project development, Project administration 


BalticMuseums 2.0 

For increased attractiveness of oceanographic museums in the South-Baltic Region six partners from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia are collaborating on developing and testing of joint ICT solutions. 

Highlights are a common internet portal containing a special section to address kids as particular target group, online ticketing solutions, and prototyping an electronical multimedia visitor guide. 


Contractor: Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (DE) 

Duration: 2008 - 2012 

our contribution: Project administration 


Baltic Rural Broadband Project

In order to help brigding the broadband gap for inhabitants and enterprises in rural areas of the Baltic Sea Region 23 partners from eight EU member states and Norway develop and test technical solutions, applications, and services for broadband internet.

Special focus for partner Stralsund UAS was technical quality assurance of broadband network roll-out. 

The project is co-financed by the European Union with funds from Baltic Sea Region INTERREG III B Neighbourhood Programme. 


Contractor: Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (DE)

Duration: 2005 - 2008 

our contribution: Project administration for PP SUAS, Supervisor for further partners 

Competence Centre "Software Development" 

This project in frame of the Community Initiative EQUAL of the European Union did aim on integration of young unemployed persons and particulary young woman into the emerging regional ICT industry with the help of specialised professional training. 


Contractor: IT-College Putbus gGmbH (DE) 

Duration: 2002 - 2005 

our contribution: Project development, Project managemnt, Project administration

ICT Centre Rügen - IT-Circus Putbus 

Business structure and labour market of that region is dominated by services for tourism industry. 

The project did aim on creation of additional employment opportunities and income sources by allocation and maintainance of ICT enterprises, the founding of an ICT research institute, and the establishment of an institution for further professional training specialised in ICT sector. 

We joined this project during an event with the Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Government held on 14 June 2001 in Riga (LV). 


Contractor: IT-Circus GmbH (DE)

Duration: 2001 - 2010 

our contribution: Project development 

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